Castello della Sala:

About 6 kms away from the village of Ficulle stands this magnificent Castle dating from 13th century; it’s an impressive building, polygonal in shape: the tower dominates the entrance and is joined to the rest by two small bridges.







La Scarzuola:

A monastery founded in 1218 by St.Francis, in the woods of Montegiove, in 1956 the architect Tommaso Buzi created, near the old structure - carefully restored - new particular buildings: his Ideal City, a philosophical-symbolic architectural scenery. A vortex of theatres and visions evoking the achievement of spiritual harmony.


A wonderful garden where you can admire an interesting collection of rare plants and flowers: peony, iris, curative herbs, water plants.

Tane del Diavolo:

The “Devil’s caves” are potholes formed by the action of water throughout millenniums; in the deep gullies and caverns important prehistoric finds dating to the upper Palaeolithic and Bronze Age have been found.

si organizzano corsi di shiatsu, sia amatoriali che di specializzazione riconosciuti dall' Accademia Italiana Shiatsu - Do.